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They live on Whore Island.
Ron Burgundy: You are a smelly pirate hooker. Go back to whore island.
by shoelessloons September 19, 2010
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A shot that will be sure to knock you on your ass...if you want it to. Created by myself and a good friend on the campus of Purdue University, be sure to visit Harry's Chocolate Shop and ask for one, they'll know what your looking for!


1/3 Malibu Rum
1/3 Pineapple Juice
1/3 Bacardi 151

If you want it extra smelly, go a little lighter on the pineapple juice and a little heavier on the 151!
Hey bartender! Can we get some smelly pirate hookers over here!?!?
by NateDawg583 July 09, 2010
A girl who smells like rotten fish and fucks the dirties guys she can find.
guy - fuck you, bitch!

girl - go fuck yourself you asshole!

guy - yeah, well fuck you, you smelly pirate hooker
by dirty_duece August 27, 2010
One who wears mesh tank tops, daisy dukes, or those shiney richard simmons shorts. Also anyone that does not agree with your point of view.
Bill is a smelly pirate hooker. I can't believe he wore his mesh tanktop again...
by Frank's 'n beans May 04, 2006

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