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A partiicularly potent smelling fart.
Saul: "Whew thats a smeller!"
by T-F November 18, 2004
A specific person who likes to smell other people.
Ex. Walking by a person and getting a faint hint of cologne/perfume and then running up close to them and taking a huge whiff. That's the smeller.
by DaddyZ May 13, 2009
He's a dirt digger - he only does girls up the smeller
by DeNameland October 21, 2008
a stanky person ,mainly a girl that doesn't know how to wash their genitals.
"Damn,this class room smells fish!"
*Grabs book that fell on the floor"
"Ew it's her! Smeller ."
"It figures! She always smells like tuna or cat fish."
"Yeah,it happens to be smeller."
by s.o.c.c.e.r16 May 08, 2010
Someone whose great at sniffing out drugs almost like a dog.
Joe: Dude, I bet I'm a better smeller than you.
Mike: Oh yeah? Prove it.
Joe: *goes over to big black guys ass and sniffs*
We found the weed, we found the weed!
-Cops come over and arrest the dude-
Joe: Well?
Mike: Alright..you win.
by crazyinsane June 01, 2010