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A way to say the type of cologne or perfume someone chooses to wear that smells good
I put on my smell pretties before I went to the club to attact the ladies
by B-Love69 October 01, 2007
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Anything that smells pretty. It depends on the context exactly what variety of item the term applies to, but it can be used to describe any number of things: beauty supplies (scented lotion, body wash, etc), perfumes, incense, flowers, really just anything that has the capability of smelling nicely, pleasantly, feminine...pretty.
Girl A) Hey, wanna go to the town bar and get drunk and do what bar-flies do?

Girl B) Nah, I'm excited; I get to go to a beauty party tonight! The hostess said to bring all my beauty products, smell-pretties, and makeup. She's got a cosmetologist friend. That is going to be SOOO much better than gettin' drunk in front of all the townies AGAIN!
by mommaserene March 09, 2010
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