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Used by Spongebob Squarepants in the Nasty Patty Episode. Means to be confused or to be bamboozled. Used as a noun.
Fred: Dude, wheres our fries??
Bob: We've been Smeckledorfed!
by silversnipe12 June 07, 2007
To be fooled/taken advantage of
Dude said this was chronic but it's dirt-weed; we've been smeckledorfed by that con-artist!
by CyanideCastro August 10, 2007
To get ripped off, fucked, screwed in a negative manner.
"They stole my cheese!" "We got smeckledorfed!"
by corey legend October 31, 2009
To be swindled/robbed from another person.
My friend Rob was screaming, "THE CLERK GAVE ME FORTY INSTEAD OF FIFTY CENTS!" I was trying to calm him down, saying it was probably a mistake with counting. Rob insisted he was smeckledorfed.
by Turkeymash December 21, 2015
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