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Verb- A sexual act in which a man is having sex with a woman doggy style, right as she is about to orgasm, the man leans in next to her ear and breathes like Smeagol from lord of the rings.
"Dude I smeagoled that bitch so hard last night!"
"We were smeagoling all night long."
by That-Guy March 20, 2013
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To Smeagol is to hoard something in an obsessive scary way that is their precious. Usually involving an abrupt personality change.

Refurring to a character in the Lord of the Rings movies who was obsessed with the evil ring of power making him nuts and became Gollum.

(Technically from a nerdy standpoint it is "Golluming" but it didn't sound as funny.)
She was hugging the free fabric Smeagoling it to make sure the other crafters didn't get her precious pile.
by Thinkofme7 September 19, 2010
1.) adjective : to run rabid around the halls of a school , struggling for survival

2.) adjective: to crawl around in a Smeagol from Lord Of The Rings fashion.

Other forms: Smeagol, Smeagoled, etc.
1.) "My mother never came to pick me up from school yesterday dude, I had to go smeagoling around all night until school started the next morning, it fucking sucked."

by nigs4lyf September 07, 2011

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