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Unable to smell, lack of the sense of smell.
When Bill asked Hillory to speak, her breath was so horrible that he prayed he could be smeaf until she was finished.
by Vessec September 06, 2007
A word used to describe someone who does not possess the ability to smell by combining the words "Smell" and "Deaf."

The real word for this impairment is Anosmia. One can be born without the ability to smell or losing the sense due to a traumatic experience.
1. Eww... Do you smell that?
2. No, I can't, I'm smeaf.
by teh smeaf guy March 19, 2007
an impaired sense of smell
(derived from smell + deaf)
I'm 15% smeaf in my left nostril.
by christovich79 September 19, 2005
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