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A substitute word for calling someone a pussy/ an actual vagina.
Mark was being such a smashole; he didn't talk to any girls at the party and got his ass beat.

Her smashole was so beat I had no choice except to leave immediately.
by Dr. Snicklefritz November 01, 2010
1 Word related to Smashole
Smug Asshole: Making other feel less as a person based on their lack of owning a Prius. To be a complete and utter douche bag.
Man 1: Hey man hows it going?

Man 2(smas-hole): Really? How's it going?!?! Well, my body fat is at 5%, my girlfriend is smokin hot and I just got a new tat on my shoulder- it's a lone wolf! So yeah, I'm good man.

Man 1: What a smas-hole!
by TeamHotMess January 13, 2015

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