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what is created when you are forced to take a shit on a crate/and or box into a double trash bag when no bathroom is available. Preferably done in a dark corner or a basement
Is that your smash bag in basement?
Yeah, Lew was in the bathroom first.
Well go throw it in the dumpster!
by Just Lew It October 11, 2006
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1. A bag that needs/could be smashed

2. A mimsy that could take as much smashing as your grandma

3. A packet of instant mashed potato

4. A piece of memorabilia from a mashed potato alien craft (UK advert) (note could be flange like)
1. This paper bag is surprisingly flimsy, Yes infact it is smashed

2.Holy Moly, Chris, I thought that your gran could take a smashing, just look at the broken flange flaps on that biatch!

Chris:This mashed potato tastes like shite!
Adam:Of course , it is instant after all!!

4. Here, Take this smashbag as a token of our appreciation?
by craigyh November 04, 2007
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A female that you will have sexual Intercourse with but not date
Anahi is a great smash bag but not a great gf.
by Smash bag July 18, 2016
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