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To talk while smoking. To have a mouth full of smoke and then to speak while calmly letting out smoke. Only done with smoking weed, otherwise people are known to look like a douche-fag smalking a cigarette.
- Wow man, im pretty baked. that was fucking great hash

- Yeah, but....."Noises of inhaling smoke"... I would totally not want to go to Vancouver.

- What did you just do right then? Were... Were you just smalking?

- Yes, yes i was.
by Moskowsatch February 13, 2010
Stalking a stranger at the mall for short periods of time.
Girlfriend: "That metrosexual guy over there with the uber-hot hair has been following us for the last 5 minutes"
Boyfriend: "Don't flatter yourself - he's probably just perusing those flash reveal photography books over there."
Girlfriend: "Seriously, he's like, smalking me!"
Boyfriend: " FML ."
by captain tegan December 18, 2009
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