Also "talking smak".
1) To talk disparagingly about someone.
2) To tell lies about someone.
3) To talk nonsense. "Bullshit".
1) "They've been talking smak about you, and making you look bad."
2) "It's not true, baby. They're just talking smak."
3) "It doesn't mean anything, baby, I'm just talking smak."
by WordBoy July 10, 2003
Top Definition
Pronounced (smock): Having the uncontrollable urge to drink accompanied by the inability to get intoxicated. Smak translates to "the taste" in Polish. The smak was discovered by Darek Walus in 2009 while on a new years vacation. It currently has no know cure. You must let the smak run it's course. It is often said that, "You don't choose the smak, the smak chooses you." Once you have the smak you will be able to out-drink anyone, unless they also have the smak, in which case it will be futile because neither of you will get drunk.
Darek Walus had the smak all day and the waitress is tired from bringing so many drinks back and forth.
by w0jtanman January 04, 2010
n. money, usually preceded by a specific amount.
That cost 100 smaks?
I'll give you 5 smaks for it.
by ryanatl October 25, 2006
the perfect fit
wopoosh! smak...the perfect fit.
by smak September 04, 2003
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