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1. brown spot on underwear resulting from a diarrhea fart. 2. failure of parents to adequately potty train a child.
damn! did you hear that dude's fart? that must have left a hershey squirt for sure!
by smak September 04, 2003
When you're at a club and you drink way more than you can handle, which in turn causes you to go home without telling anyone that you are leaving.
"When we all go to Club 69 tonight... you better not PULL A MIC or I'll be pissed! The last time you PULLED A MIC I was looking for your drunk ass for 2 hours only to find out that you went home without saying a damn thing!"
by SmaK February 08, 2006
the perfect fit
wopoosh! smak...the perfect fit.
by smak September 04, 2003
Someone who does exactly as they are asked at all times. Someone that shows intellectual or intelligent tendencies.
"I spent Saturday up Junction staring at trainers and shouting abusive language in to my Bluetooth."

"I spent mine watching the back catalogue of Fassbinder and then finished off The History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell."

"£$%^))( Neek."
by smak March 10, 2006
two cheeks that have a crevice separating them.
john is a butt-face.
by smak September 04, 2003

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