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Akin to Smacktard slightly less offensive however. One can often call their friends a smackwad without being punched in the nuts on account of it not implying they are a retard... just a jerk. While -wad can be applied to a multitude of derogatory terms to imply the person is not just a 'jerk' for instance but a WAD of it (emphasis), smackwad is one of those words you can use is everyday conversation without really offending anybody enough to suffer repercussions.

A fool, a jerk
A: "I just swore infront of our head of year and she flipped on me..."
C: "Smackwad..."

C: "Aah! You spilled crap on me. Jesus, when will you stop being a smackwad?!"
by TopherD November 09, 2006
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