1. Insult used by nerds to sound imposing. Often written in forums the world over.
I t0tally pwned that smacktard!!
by RCD July 03, 2005
Noun. A derivation of the word "Smackhead" (which denotes a heroin addict). Someone who is such a worthless bastard or idiot that they might as well be a full-on heroin junkie. This did not, as most of the current definitions suggest, originate from internet gaming, because it has been in use for the last 10 years or more. The author of this definition recalls using as well as hearing the word circa 1992.
"If you think this word originated from Battlefield '42, you're more of a smacktard than I thought."
by Erik Jacobson May 20, 2005
Most often seen in and around the PC game Battlefield 1942. A term used by gamers
to describe a player who has no regard for
the game's code of ethics. There exists a
hint of irony in labelling one as a smacktard in that the person who used the term is broadcasting that they take a video game seriously and get mad over trivial and nonconsequential matters
Joe, why did you just crash into my tank with an airplane? Smacktards like you ruin the whole gaming experience.
by Joe July 11, 2004
A person bent on destroying your fun, also known as a Blink 182 fan. They should be pitied for their incompetence and taken to a proper facility to be re-introduced into society as a steel worker.
Wow, you were smacked t'hard as a kid.
i like peanuts. Hahaha.
by Bob the Magician June 07, 2004
Smacktard is a good way to describe Paul ( or as you would know him, Z3LL). He gets very offended when u call him this, and offen trys to rape your ass until you die of internal bleeding.
<Shimmeh> Hey look, its Z3LL...
<Shibbster> Hehe, lets go call him a smacktard...
by ellipsis June 06, 2004
normally applied on battlefield 1942 but has moved on to some other games.
normally a small or abused kid who feels the only way he can be lary is on games where he knws no-one can get him and kno-one knows who he is.
somon who does generally crappy stuff.
can describe a hacker, a spawn raper, campwhore, or a chat abuser.
(allied)tubby pears:(allied)<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH
warining: 2 more team kills and your kicked

you fking smacktard, my spawnpoint! you dont need the points that bad do you! lamer
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
A derogatory term for a person who is amused by the ease of angering many online gamers. The person is so intrigued by this that he/she often cannot help but intimidate the other players.
Bob so frequently engaged in purposefully angering online gamers that he was known by much of the online gaming community as a smacktard.
by Ekdar May 18, 2004
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