Someone who incessently spawn kills you or kills their own team mate, generated by being a total idiot who will get their behind pwned, probably by a 1337 russian gamer called Mikhal.
Example from Tribes 2.

Zobby the nob: I will kill everyone, I am the best!!
Zobby the nob: *constantly kills everyone, even own team mates with a spinfusor as soon as they spawn*
Zobby the nob: I own you all!!
Mikhal: You're a smacktard, you will die....
Mikhal: *pulls out the basic blaster and shoots down Zobby the nob with a few simple shots effortlessly*
Server: Zobby the nob screwed the pooch.
Zobby the nob: No way you cheated!!
Mikhal: Shut up you annoying smacktard, you're outta here.
Server: Zobby the nob was banned by admin Mikhal.
by ShadesZero a.k.a Scorpian April 03, 2004
Person who does something annoying in a netwiorked game.

Sanitized version of fucktard.

eg Gamespy Banner Ad, early 2004:
"We do not tolerate cheating smacktards!"
by Anthony Cassidy March 29, 2004
A smacked retard that should never be online. Smacktards usually participate in such activities as blowing up his own team killing himself repeatedly etc. In real life smacktards conceal their nature but can easily be sniffed out with some lysol. If a smacktard is seen online he should be shot repeatedly in the head before he can do any damage.
"HEY SMACKTARD!!! (fired shots at head)"
"Yo smacktard you're on the BLUE team idiot!"
"Fuck we lost again. Let's go massacre the smacktard.It's his fault."
by Crutchcricket February 17, 2004
1 - n. the implication of smacktardism/being a smacktard.

2 - n. one who ruin's other's fun by being immature.
example: "SupaBum47 is using a headshot bot, the smacktard."

3 - one who writes dictionary definitions for fun.
example: "Burton Earny just defined the word 'smacktard' in six ways. What a smacktard."

4 - n. one who haslost too much of one's intelligence quotient.

5 - n. an object of great dislike to an individual.
example: "This website claims to be a dictionary, but includes slang words like 'smacktard'. What a smacktard of a site."

6 - n. one who uses incorect speling in a dicshunary definishon.
see above for examples relevent to definitions
by Burton Earny February 15, 2004
Someone who acts like a retard and ruins the fun in an online game.
Look at Soulblighter, what a smacktard.
by Jamo September 28, 2003
When someone is acting like so much of a retard, that you want to smack them silly.
B1: "yay! i managed to teamkill three of my teammates last round!"
B2: "You are such a smacktard."
by NrKy September 15, 2003
Someone who behaves like a retard and talks a lot of smack, especially in online games.
Smacktard: I own you nubs
Smacktard killed a teammate
Smacktard killed a teammate
Someone: What a smacktard
by Anonymous September 11, 2003

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