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As a default this word can be look at in its base components,

To hit, or physically abuse
Slang, Cocain, a drung know to cause brain damnage

Re: Retard(ed)
Slowed down,
To be slow of thought,

Smacktard is generally an internet phrase use to insult peoples speed of thought, trying to avoid misrepresentations of physically handicaped people, implying that either hard drugs, or repeated attacks to the head are more likly to be the cause.
"Stop being a smacktard and listen"
"Hey, smacktard, stop trying to hit me, AND HIT ME"
by Flash¹³ Egis-Minsky October 05, 2004
Someone who uses codes and cheats in online games. Also an insult for any stupid person.
That smacktard is invincible, don't bother wasting the ammo.

Smacktards like you are the reason the world is so messed up.
by Matt I September 11, 2004
An idiot or moron that needs to be beaten senseless. Derived from "smack" and "retard". A step above asshat.
Hitler was a smacktard.
by deadzombie August 13, 2004
Most often seen in and around the PC game Battlefield 1942. A term used by gamers
to describe a player who has no regard for
the game's code of ethics. There exists a
hint of irony in labelling one as a smacktard in that the person who used the term is broadcasting that they take a video game seriously and get mad over trivial and nonconsequential matters
Joe, why did you just crash into my tank with an airplane? Smacktards like you ruin the whole gaming experience.
by Joe July 11, 2004
smacktard -

The idea of someone being so retarded they deserve to be smacked.

This word is extremely flexible and can be used in almost any context.
if someone blocks you, you might say :

"bah, smacktard"

or how about this situation

* 1337boi has joined the channel
<ace> The smacktardidity in this channel has increased by 50%
by john July 09, 2004
An idiot deserving to be smacked; someone who needs a good thrashing.
Someone who spams forums with pictures and comments that nobody cares about.

Used in a sentence as insult:
"Mikey, You are such a fucking Smacktard!"
by T June 21, 2004
A person bent on destroying your fun, also known as a Blink 182 fan. They should be pitied for their incompetence and taken to a proper facility to be re-introduced into society as a steel worker.
Wow, you were smacked t'hard as a kid.
i like peanuts. Hahaha.
by Bob the Magician June 07, 2004