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Having the ablity to do any slut activty at anytime and anyplace.
Ugh... Shana is so freaking slutworthy whe will drop down to any guy any time.
by Chy Chy February 18, 2008
When something is so shocking that is worthy of being called a slut.
"Oh my god, Gilly did you see that goal? It was slutworthy."
by robbo89 February 08, 2007
Adjective; Is a term men use when there is no way in hell he will wife a certain woman but will booty call her often. Created by rapper D-Rod.
Dylan: i so want to marry Emma!
Ian: are you high?!, she's slutworthy!
by Mysta D February 02, 2011
On the day you turn 18, is also they day you become available to be legal, sexually, and can experience it all. Sleep with whoever you want.
I'm finally 18! I'm legal!
That's far from legal. You're slut worthy.
by EthanCoy October 11, 2010
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