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The fusion of the two "Seven Deadly Sins" . Sloth and glutton
John: That Randy just sits around all day and eats
by Mihster Diaz December 05, 2009
183 20
A slutton is a person addicted to befriending sluts, or engaging in activity with them.A slutton seems to find comfort in the company of sluts, whether for sexual relief, or simply to make themselves feel better. Some sluttons do indeed join close friendships with sluts. Sluttons are mysterious but not uncommon creatures who can normallly be found in the phonebook of a slut.
"Why is he always hanging out with these girls?"
"I don't know, he's such a slutton".
by Nana93 May 07, 2009
132 7
A person who engages in excessive prostitution.
Rafa is such a slutton; he keeps picking up girls in Amsterdam.
by Mikken Alexis Wong April 17, 2006
120 22
A fat, horny slut. Preys on the weak and vunerable.
"What the shit happened last night? I woke up in bed with *insert fat horny slut*"

"Yea you dont wanna get drunk around her, shes a slutton"
by isotonicsportsdrink January 16, 2012
68 10