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someone who exploits their special hole; a slutty donut
Girl 1: "Janet is such a slutnut!"
Girl 2: "Tell me about it, she should close her hole"
by PieceofSchmidt September 18, 2013
(noun): A lady of loose moral fibre and ethics. Often has trouble keeping their legs together for long periods of time.
1. I bet she's a right slutnuts.

2. Rebecca has become a total slutnuts since leaving the company.
by Devihant May 19, 2011
large fat hairy saggy labia found on the more rotund and masculine of the good time girl breed, that distubingly when said slut gets the horn, swell up to look like balls.

stay away from that beast, shes got bigger slut nuts than youve got balls.
by flexaction August 01, 2006
When you are hooking up with a girl, and you find out she is of the male gender.
Mike: " I heard you hooked up with Cindy!"
Hans: " No dude .. she had a slut nut."
" - Well, I have a chest wig."
Hans: "Aw god, dude. I'm already scarred for life you fagbucket."
by AyyyyyyyBeeeee. May 24, 2006
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