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A ‘Slusher’ or Slushers' is an individual or group that spends time filtering through web content in search of quality links and information to share on social bookmarking and networking sites.
“I am a slusher, phear my mad rating skillz.” – “The slushers have been sourcing our content like crazy!”
by 3ncryptabl3 June 27, 2008
When a man shoves snow into a womans vagina before jizzing.
I wanted to give that girl a slusher but it was summer so I just did a screaming seagull.
by The Slusher December 31, 2009
1. A boy that loves to have sex
2. A girl that gives head.
1. He always fucking, he is a slusher
2. That bitch is always dick chasing she's slusher
by Kyerstin November 14, 2005