Shove a straw into a girls vagina and suck the straw while shes cumming.
Dude I love the taste of slurpies.
by blackman FUSE June 12, 2010
A slut, one who slurps for free.
Hey girl, you are such a slurpie. My brother just met you and you already sucked him off.
by Megan Ketcham May 09, 2006
The action where the male ejactulates on his partner and than kisses them.
I gave that trick a slurpie.
by Nathan January 28, 2005
1. one who slurps
2. a snuggie who has fallen from snuggiedom by acquiring a slurping habit
3. a sluggie who has begun to mend their ways
"whats that noise"
"ah, thats a slurpie slurping"

to a badly behaved snuggie : "you're becoming a slurpie..."
by snuggie1 June 01, 2004
the slurpie is code for necking...............
gina are u gonna give me a slurpie at the movies theater tonight,,
by trap May 05, 2007
1. A frozen drink

2. One who is giving one oral sex.
John: Hey do you want to go grab a slurpie(1)?

Lindsey: looks down Got one. (2)
by Avaline Ford July 25, 2016
When eating someone out then putting in the ingredients of a slurpie into their hole then slurping it out with a straw.
Dude I had a really good pussy slurpie last night
by nalan April 04, 2015
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