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Is a person or other Earthly animal that participates in the act of slurping any type of liquid with a straw whilst lying on their side on a surf board, performing fellatio on the person that is captaining the said surf board. Providing this double slurping duty in open water is a very thrilling experience. Best results in Oceans and Seas with 7/11 Slurpies on neon coloured surf boards. (origin, 1961 in North America, most likely Pittsburgh. Rose up on the underground culture circuit in concert with the Drive-Inn movie era)
Sophia decided to join her boyfriend Zeke while he captured a Surf on their recent vacation in Hawaii. Her impulse led her to instigate and participate in the act of Slurfing. Zeke was absolutely thrilled by the mix of dangerous and pleasurable sensations brought on by the act of Slurfing. When the couple went back to the Resort later their new friends Rashid and Klaus (a same-sex couple on honeymoon) mentioned that She must be quite the "Slurfer" when they were informed of the days endeavours. For the Snowboarding version of this risque but satisfying act (See "Slowboarding").
by Qwendal Orlando Myiagi May 23, 2014
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