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The act of masturbating on the toilet while squeezing out a Cleveland Steamer. AKA, the Self-Blumpkin.
Melvin would often sneak into the bathroom for a quick slumpkin to beat the office dullard.
by BaconQuest February 13, 2005
The natural evolution of the blumpkin. This entails having sex while taking a shit.
Alex- Last night I was with Elizabeth, and I had to take a shit.
Collin- So what did you do?
Alex- I suggested a blumpkin.
Sean- And....
Alex- She didn't want to give me head.
Collin- So....
Alex- I got a slumpkin.
Sean and Collin- YOU DOG!
#blumpkin #crumpkin #head #shit #sex
by D.S.C. May 11, 2010
The act of auto-fellatio whilst in the throes of defecation.
Joey was so trashed last Friday that while he was dropping a deuce, he decided to give himself a Slumpkin, passed out, rolled forward and woke up covered in his own shit.
#blumpkin #blow job #deuce #dump #scat
by brownnoser October 29, 2014
while taking a large, much needed dump, you decide to jerk off.
what's taking him so long in the bathroom? a slumpkin perhaps.
#blumkin #reverse blumkin #cunnilumpkin #dump #masterbation
by highfive March 07, 2008
Gettin a blumpkin (head on toilet) while watching Slum Dog Millionare
"Dude, lindsay gave me a slumpkin"

other guy- "shes quite the crack whore"

first guy-"fuck it lets deface the local Mcdonalds by writing wiener on the wall next to a dick
#blumpkin #slum #dog #wiener #bj
by fagelerino April 30, 2009
Sumpkin- The act of a female pleasuring a man's asshole with her tongue while he urinates.
"Dude i asked Angie for slumpkin tonight."
#blumpkin #slumpkin #cleveland steamer #fock #fuck
by JohnnyPotSmoker69 July 27, 2009
like a blumpkin, recieve a blow job while taking a shat but u have the squirts
i was gonna give da bitch a blumpkin but i took it to da next level, she got a slumpkin instead blumpkin
#blumpkin #rusty trombone #chilli dog #dirty sanchez #tea bag
by b-dub-t September 14, 2009
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