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A very lazy guy who falls asleep at the slightest availability of comfortable seating position.
" Omar is a slumberjack. He falls asleep as soon as he hits the couch......."
by ShazzSpazz October 28, 2006
A lumberjack who passed out from lack of sleep and killed himself with his own chainsaw
" Joey was a lumberjack few days ago. Now he is a slumberjack "
by ShazzSpazz October 30, 2006
Someone who falls asleep wearing flannel (shirts, pajamas, etc.) or uses a flannel blanket.
Melvin: Can you stop slumberjacking already, Johan? We gotta be at the bus station in 10 minutes!
by Ill Semar October 01, 2011
The act of involuntarily masturbating in one's sleep.
Stuart's wife was delighted to find her husband slumberjacking in his hospital bed. Stuart was involved in a horrific traffic accident some months ago and has been in a coma since. And now, what initially disturbed her deeply in their honeymoon bed, gave her hope.
by Phoster Remingtin September 10, 2011
Ejaculating in the middle of the night to relax yourself and bring on sleep.
I was wide awake untill I slumberjacked
by Creamy G April 26, 2010
To receive oral or manual stimulation while sleeping.
I was in the middle of a pleasant dream, when all of a sudden I awoke to find I was getting slumberjacked.
by Biggs9 June 08, 2011
(verb) The act of masturbating right before you fall asleep.

The final "jack sesh" of the day to easy you into slumber


to jack, jacking, jack off, and the like are all slang for male masturbation
EX. 1

Friend 1: Dude, how many times have you jacked it today?

Friend 2: Three, not including my upcoming slumber-jack

EX. 2

Friend 1: I am so wired, I'll never fall asleep tonight

Friend 2: Bro, I have the perfect solution for you! Treat yourself to a slumber-jack, it never fails me
by Bilbro Baggins (of the shire) September 13, 2011

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