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Living your life at YOUR own pace. Busy, lazy, mellow, etc. The definition of how you take living everyday. No one can really real tell you how to do or approach something. Everyone has a different life, different out look on things. different "Slug Life"
Staying super busy, living that slug life.
by Dysart Street Elite October 13, 2011
A lifesyle conceived in the cool and moist climate of the Great Pacific Northwest. Originating in Slugapov, it has found many new deciples who embrace the concepts of gluttony,
sloth and a general lack of care for much responsibility. Those who live this lifestyle generally aim to do the bare minimum in life and get by. It is characterized by smoking the reefer,

participating in all day video games such as 2K basketball tournaments and frequently cutting class to pursue the previously mentioned activities. Living the slug life really eats away at the

character of a person and diminishes their productivity as a person.
Little meat: Yo Pasta and Izzy quit living the slug life and do some big chest with us today.

Pasta and Izzy: I think we're just going to get on some 2k today.
by Larry Hoover November 30, 2012
Originating in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) by a group of skateboarders with knacks for art, gaming, and music. Much like Thug Life often symbolizing Tupac Shakur, Slug Life is to be taken as a title as well as lifestyle. Instead of the thug lifestyle originating in New York through hustling, gang violence, etc, Slug Life is the inner-city/urban lifestyle of skateboarders, artists, and underground or independent musicians of any genre or style. Often seen as S.L.U.G. and other variations, through graffiti, clothing, design, and more.
The kids down the block just soaked the bricks downtown in neons saying SLUG LIFE.
by 12AMSun October 16, 2010

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