what happens when you mix sweat with lube. not intentionally of course, but when you are gettin some.

or just a general gross look regarding sex.
did you see that guy's myspace pic? he looked like he had slube all over his chest.

then that girl left that guy's room last night, her hair looked all sluby. gross!
#sweat #lube #sweaty #gross #greasy
by td123 September 10, 2007
Top Definition
Used in place of lube - slube is the naturally occuring lube our body produces straight from the saliva glands. An ample amount is place in the palm of the users hand an applied quickly and generously to get a groove on. ie sex and/or masturbation
Pat used so much slube he came quite easily without any rash or chaffing.

Derrick quickly realized he wasn't going to get any ass because this bitch was tight. He used his slube to get that in and triumphed on bis birthday.
#spit #saliva #liquid savior #drool & dip #spit & slip
by Jeffrey Richards May 18, 2007
No meaning just say it until you notice your friedns sying it.
Hey guys, Joe is such a follower I bet if we start using the word slube whn we talk he will too.
by Anonymous January 09, 2003
anthoer name given to a joint or a reef
"gis a toke on that big fat slube"
#weed #reef #joint #dope #marajuana
by ant smife January 21, 2006
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