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Slown is a word that describes a girl that is both Slut and Clown. A slut clown is a girl that has sex with several brothers of a fraternity and then just wont go away. One that continuously gets drunk and extremely annoying when everyone else is just hanging out sober.
Will that slown ever go home??
by NCSUGREEK April 12, 2007
The word was originally invented at NCSU but was spread. A Slown is a slut clown hybrid. She is usually not interesting, amusing or fun to hang out with but puts out. She is a clown because she often pretends to be more drunk than she really is to get attention...SLOWN!!
" yo check out that slown dancing on the bar, that slown is definitely trying too hard , "
by slown boy March 15, 2008
An extremely easy woman, with a dirty background; no moral fibre... works with any last name.
Chris Brown's mom is a slown because she is a sloo.
by jaxapu_56 February 16, 2007
a word used to describe the act of slowing down. I guess it is a Texas thing.
The mail sure has slown down this christmas.
by Jimmy Johnston February 10, 2006
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