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to behave and act in the way of a sloth i.e. eating food, being slow, moping around and being altogether lazy.
"Man, you're slothin' so hard. Get up and do your homework."
by take April 01, 2013
A standard measurement of time, one slothin is equivalent to 36.4 seconds. This unit of time is used mostly with people who live along the North American east coast. A slothin is believed to be the amount of time it takes a South American three toed sloth to move 6 inches.
1.Sorry, im stuck in traffic, I'm going to be a few slothins late.

2.Where are you! You were supposed to meet my parents for dinner 30 slothins ago.

3.The next bus is in 45 slothins.
by Matty_Rays November 08, 2013
To act like a sloth,to be lazy,to do nothing,or to be paul
You got to stop slothin all day, or you will not get paid.
by code name DIL November 18, 2009
When one takes upon the characteristics of a sloth to attract another human. These characteristics include, but are not limited to, constant delivery of cheesy pick-up lines, increased libido, and the smell of a dead beaver.
"Oh my, what's that man doing over there?"
"He's slothin', Darlene, and he's doing a hell of a good job!"
by SkipsScrambles June 04, 2013