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A standard measurement of time, one slothin is equivalent to 36.4 seconds. This unit of time is used mostly with people who live along the North American east coast. A slothin is believed to be the amount of time it takes a South American three toed sloth to move 6 inches.
1.Sorry, im stuck in traffic, I'm going to be a few slothins late.

2.Where are you! You were supposed to meet my parents for dinner 30 slothins ago.

3.The next bus is in 45 slothins.
by Matty_Rays November 08, 2013
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to behave and act in the way of a sloth i.e. eating food, being slow, moping around and being altogether lazy.
"Man, you're slothin' so hard. Get up and do your homework."
by take April 01, 2013
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To act like a sloth,to be lazy,to do nothing,or to be paul
You got to stop slothin all day, or you will not get paid.
by code name DIL November 18, 2009
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When one takes upon the characteristics of a sloth to attract another human. These characteristics include, but are not limited to, constant delivery of cheesy pick-up lines, increased libido, and the smell of a dead beaver.
"Oh my, what's that man doing over there?"
"He's slothin', Darlene, and he's doing a hell of a good job!"
by SkipsScrambles June 04, 2013
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The act of someone creepily going around a party saying innapropriate things to girls
I was at the frat lst night and this dude was slothin' hard. He was goin up and wispering in girls ears, "youre mine tonight"... We kicked his ass out.
by FratWords August 20, 2016
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