A combination of a slut and whore.
"Dude, your mom is the biggest slore I have ever met!"
by SeekUpDMB5 November 14, 2002
A portmanteau of the words "slut" and "whore". Slore is used to designate a particularly nasty dragon of the female sort who enjoys nothing more than to cause pain and steal men from their rightful owners.

Slores can only be vanquished by true love. Slores also commonly have a horselike appearance.
Dude, we have to save Charlie from that motherfucking slore. She's like, sucking his lifeblood.

Fuck, man, that Jenny? Total slore. She needs to get slayed.

Guy 1. Miley Cyrus is such a slore.
Guy 2. Dude! Don't use that term so lightly!
by Godjizz May 31, 2011
A slut who is also a whore. Often the result of 4 Loko.
"Is that like a slut whore? Isn't that repetitive..."
"Your mom's repetitive. Aka a slore"
by eggieG October 04, 2010
Sloppy Whore, usually a drunk, sleasy chick at a bar. A girl who sleeps with anyone when drunk.
Monica is such a Slore, she will fuck anybody when she gets loaded.
by Stephanie Schuh April 28, 2008
A combonation between the two words 'slut' and 'whore'. Used on someone who has done something bad enough and deserves both those words at the same time.
OMG! I can't beleive that you slept with all those guys and my boyfriend! You're such a slore.
by RachAel Hu., June 02, 2007
a very, very promiscuous person. combination of the words slut and whore
that girl brings a different man to her room everyday. she is such a slor
by me! February 19, 2005
A combination between a slut and a whore. Tends to fuck anything she can get her hands on. Literally. Even whores think she's a slut.
"I'm a prostitute, but damn that girls a slore"
by Murphh February 08, 2014
To be Slored Out.. way of life from being based to savage. being trill is a major part of it. Having fun and being yourself. A slore itself is the main people in the so called "forbidden group" no new members are allowed since 2/12/13.
Oooh Prince Gravy is so slored out. Why cant I become slored out because they kill all the competition.
by Slored Out November 16, 2013

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