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When a girl is over salivating while she sucks a guy off and then it gets really sloppy really fast, talk about a shitty clean up.
Guy #1: "MAN! Last night I got the sloppiest free slop job!"

Guy #2: "Well what do you expect? It's a FREE slop job!"
by MOstner7 January 21, 2015
Right after a blowjob, when your penis is covered in cum/saliva and you slap the girl around the face with it.
There's nothing more satisying than giving your bitch a slop-job.
by DeeVee April 01, 2003
the act of face fucking a bitch until a mixture of saliva, puke, and cumbubbles comes out of her nose
She thought she was gonna give me a blowjob, but it ended up being a violent slopjob.
by Anti-itch May 19, 2011
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