The word created by the infamous hacker and programmer K1u.
The word was created in class one day whilst K1u was bored.
The word spread quickly.

The word can be used in any context. The word is void. It has no meaning but the meaning you define it. Slooby is like the word shit (dats mah shit yo) but more badass/cooler.
Aye sloob wuts the slooby u sloobing on dat slooby sloob
by K1u April 29, 2008
Sleep and boobies, the best fucking things ever, COMBINED!
"Hey dude, that movie I saw yesterday was almost as good a sloobies!"
by Rasmus R December 10, 2003
Falling asleep on a girl's boobies.
I just had sloobies with your girlfriend.
by Eli December 12, 2003
oral sex, the word can also be used as an adjective for a lady who has performed oral sex on many men.
melissa is a complete slooby, that is third cock she has sloobied since monday and its only tuesday.
by sam ferguson October 06, 2007

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