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"Sloff" is a slang term originating in Scotland. It can be used in many ways, similar to "Beast"

It can be used as both an insult and a compliment.

"Sloff" can be used to describe someone who:

1. has attained legendary status

2. Is acting like a twat/wanker/idiot

3. someone who is good at a particular thing.

4. A common variant is "Bush sloff" which means sneaky or sly.
1. "Did you hear about Jim drinking a bottle of Jager in under an hour? Yeah! What a Sloff!"

2. "My wife's on her period, she's being a complete fucking Sloff."

3. "Vladimir over there is a proper sloff at jiu jitsu."

4. "Holy shit! Where the hell did you come from ya sloff!?"
#sloff #sloth #idiot #lazy #stupid #legend #slof #idiotic #retarded #beast
by The Sloff December 15, 2011
10 Words related to Sloff
To remove slowly.
I have 3 months to sloff my jackass boyfriend before the new year.
#ex: break up #remove #slowly #end #exit
by tepic August 01, 2014
Sloff iz the way Sid The SLoff from the movie ice age says "Sloth"
Manny: Wuts ur name
Sid: hi my names sid the sloff
#sloth #cute #hot #sexy #pro
by Sloff April 25, 2009
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