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The state of being really drunk, but not quite yet fubar
I can't believe how slizzered I got last night, you should have seen it!
by Serra November 10, 2003
extremely drunk; a slang term of common use in the Southeast (Atlanta)
"Leave you like a lizard when I'm slizzered or sober" - OutKast
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
Adj. - Completely intoxicated off sizzurp. Made famous in connection with its consumption in one's ride, which may well be a G6. Could very closely precede death, but will make you feel like a rockstar right up until then.
Protective Mother - “Son, stay away from that purple drank. It killed DJ Screw!”
Unheeding Son – “Yeah ma, but at least he went out slizzered.”
by thisonesfortrinkle June 13, 2011
A portmanteau of 'sleazy' and 'plastered.'

The state of being intoxicated with the intention to creep.
Did you see Jersey Shore last night? Snooki got slizzered at the club and took home a grenade.
by Mary Theroux March 07, 2011
The state of waking up the morning after a rediclous night and still being fubar
the song "Still Slizzered from the night before"
by Baby B September 20, 2005
verb- The act of chugging a Four Loko and eating a strawberry pop-tart. Can be done in groups of 2-4 which entails taking a chug or two of the Four Loko, eating a bite of the pop-tart, and then passing the Four Loko. Can also be done solo if you really want to get FUBAR. Predominantly found on Long Island, especially in the Massapequa area, but is currently being expanded to the Boston area with dispersion of college students.
I don't remember anything after we all got slizzered.

Yo man, let's get slizzered! I've got the Four Lokos!
I'll get the pop-tarts! What flavor?
Come on man, it HAS to be strawberry!
by JWOWW!! November 16, 2010
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