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1) Slitty is a racial term used to insult those of asian decent, it is a more degrading term than Gook or Clone, traditionally used against Chinese but in modern times has been reported to on Vietnamese and Indonesian. The inventors of the term is coined amongst the racist community with groups such as the KKK and Nazis "claiming it" however a Manly Court case in early 2009 found the creators to be notorious Seaforth Rappers Dr Jay and Snoop Robb, the term is used in one of the pairs mash up singles called "white power" a diss song pointed toward minorities, the term was created in the prestigious ghetto suburb of Seaforth
1) That slitty stole my wave

2) Dont be an idiot Slittys cant drive

3) mate your nothing but a no good slitty
by Dr Jayy May 15, 2012
Of or relating to the feeling of being emo and hence wanting to kill yourself.
dawg0: Sup dawg how you hanging?
dawg1: no good bro, i'm all slitty today
dawg0: just jump off a bridge already
by wordasdfasdfasdfasdf December 12, 2010
(1) Of or relating to slits
(2) Describes a woman whose slit is more regularly used than is considered normal or usual
(1) Wow, look at that slit. It sure is slitty.
(2) No, don't even think about it. That chick is as slitty as a slit on speed.
by sandraw stevenson November 23, 2004
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