More actively creepy than a lurker, yet less malicious than a legit creeper. The slinker is the basically the Vanilla Coke of the Three Stages of Creeping (where the lurker is Diet Coke and the creeper is a Coke and Rum spiked with a roofie).

The slinker is prone to hovering, staring, and awkward flirting, yet will never force a girl into hooking up. When spurned by a prospect, which is often, the slinker will simply slink off into a corner to sulk, rather than increasing his creeper agenda--that is, until he finds a new prospect. Although generally doomed to a series of epic fails, the slinker occasionally scores big.

A slinker, with intensive therapy, may become a normal human being, while creepers are beyond all hope.
Many of the little misfits on The Pick-Up Artist may be considered slinkers....whereas Mystery, the host, is a straight up creeper.
by jsg0603 December 03, 2008
Top Definition
a well known deviant, from the UK, who makes funny flashes about anime and harry potter, and various other things...
(found on deviantart)
Have you seen that rubber ducky slinkers flash?

Oh yeah! That was genius!
by thecatofdeath487 November 07, 2009
Adjective. Someone who is a waste of human skin. Derived from the phrase " Some folks are like Slinkys... They are not good for anything, but they bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs."
That babe is a total slinker. She's banging fifteen other guys, and tells each one they are "the only one".
by RobH October 13, 2005
n: a person who slowly blinks. Synonymous to a sleeping person aka a slinker.

When a person starts to slowly blink - they become a slinker.

Sometimes may be used in a derogatory sence when a person sleeps too much.
Erika, you are such a slinker - I can't believe you've slinked all day yesterday.
by Vitali April 16, 2006
to creep away without anyone noticing.
He slinkered from his room, to the kitchen, to the restroom.
by timothytj1 June 06, 2016
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