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More actively creepy than a lurker, yet less malicious than a legit creeper. The slinker is the basically the Vanilla Coke of the Three Stages of Creeping (where the lurker is Diet Coke and the creeper is a Coke and Rum spiked with a roofie).

The slinker is prone to hovering, staring, and awkward flirting, yet will never force a girl into hooking up. When spurned by a prospect, which is often, the slinker will simply slink off into a corner to sulk, rather than increasing his creeper agenda--that is, until he finds a new prospect. Although generally doomed to a series of epic fails, the slinker occasionally scores big.

A slinker, with intensive therapy, may become a normal human being, while creepers are beyond all hope.
Many of the little misfits on The Pick-Up Artist may be considered slinkers....whereas Mystery, the host, is a straight up creeper.
by jsg0603 December 03, 2008

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