An extremely crafty African-American, with the ability to take willingly without being caught in the act.
Damn, that sligger got away with my watch and I didn't even notice.
by Ghostface Slinger January 30, 2009
Top Definition
A Slut Nigger!
Alright Sligger, Killed any children today?
by Razz ma Tazz May 19, 2011
A person who devotes their life to the online simulator Second Life. Essentially, they've become mentally and physically enslaved to the simulator because their real life sucks that there-fore they substitute it for real life.
1. Oh no, honey. Those damn SLiggers are having horrible 3D rendered bestiality sex again. Quick! Call the digital police!

2. SLigger: leave this sim right now you're not following the rules

Johnny: Fuck you, SLigger. Get your precious sim god to ban me if your second life is so horrible.
by imaginary number July 02, 2012
A Slimy nigger
Hello. I am a sligger.
by HEXploit July 02, 2011
An Asian-American kid who is thoroughly convinced that he's black, yet portends (No, I don't mean 'pretends', jagoff. Get a dictionary) to have pride in his culture (AzN pryde).
Hey Ng. Look at Hoshi over there listening to gangsta rap and wearing the baggy clothes. He must be a sligger.
by Cyde September 16, 2003
The spittle that shoots out from inside the mouth.

Saliva out of control. Drooling

The collection of saliva under a denture.
You got sligger on the right side of your mouth.
by Just Ask April 19, 2011
Defintion: 1. A black guy that is a slacker, which is usually defined as a Nigger but still.. this term can be used also to not directly insult them.
"Hey, quit being a sligger you stupid nigga"
by Ihateyou101 April 22, 2004

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