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Having to urinate so intensely that your testicles feel the same pain as when experiencing "blue balls"
Let me in I'm rolling bloop nut!
by Jessejames February 24, 2012
a type of hardcore music where band members wear pink.
did you see that new breast cancer core band? they can really pull off they're pink clothes.
by jessejames July 06, 2012
The national day in New Zealand; the day when the Waitangi Treaty was signed. Also a city in New Zealand, hence the name Waitangi Treaty.
Are you going to celebrate Waitangi Day this January?
by JesseJames January 24, 2005
Any gun used for protection of another person {loved one) who gets killed as a result.
Shootout in Ruby Ridge resulted in the death of the gunman's wife.
by JesseJames January 10, 2005
Any man or woman who takes pride in his or her appearence,and is in a career. wears colonge or perfume and dresses/suits, polishes his/her shoes regularly.
My boyfriend is a metrosexual because he wears colonge. My mother is a metrosexual because she is a career woman.
by JesseJames January 10, 2005
a gun used in defense of love.
He used his gun to protect his family.
by JesseJames January 10, 2005
A metrosexual or yuppie that is nomadic. Moves more than twice a year, often overseas.
Why are you being a slider and moving so often?
by JesseJames January 11, 2005
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