A list of attractive women that you will think about later, while whalin' one out
"Dude, 4 O'clock, Girl in the Hot Pants... Slide Show"

"Jessica Alba ... She's totally in the Slide Show"
by mwagner August 08, 2008
Top Definition
When you see an attractive member of the opposite sex that you would like to think about later.
I would totally put her in the Slide Show.

Shes attractive enough to make the Slide Show.
by RejectionKing January 11, 2007
Series of images in one's head when one masturbates
That Meredith, she's in my slide-show!
by mjjmgraham May 19, 2007
Future, dirty thoughts made by someone after taking a mental picture of an attractive person. Also see “slide show”. A word not to be used or posted on facebook by woman over the age of 50.
old woman, "slideshow later!"

Friend, "excuse her, she doesnt know what she is saying."
by zson in law July 14, 2011
An intensity of lag. It is when a game or another fullscreen program begins lagging so badly that the FPS may just as easily be measured in seconds per frame.
Obviously, it originates from slideshows, which only update to a new picture every second or so.
"Holy crap, half a frame! Talk about a slideshow!"
by ClD March 05, 2005
a fat girl shakin her tits out the window.
yo, i seen katherine do a slideshow yesterday.
by charles October 06, 2003
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