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A cross between a slut and a whore.
A nice example of a slhore would be a female who happens to wear extremely revealing clothing and puts out to anything that moves.
The words 'slut' and 'whore' combine to devastating effect. When neither parent term seem to do the subject justice, 'sl'hore' is brought almost plutonically into play.
'Sl'hore' is the ultimate definition of a promiscuous individual indiscriminate in the choice of his or her sexual partners; it glorifies this fact and in rare cases neutralises it somewhat as the subject was not previously aware of him or her being a 'sl'hore'.
"Oi filth, shut your dirty mouth and get me another Corona you little sl'hore.."

"Oh he's a sl'hore alright, a special kind of sl'hore, one of those Bargain Booze, B&Q sl'hores from the TV."
by Del Piero Il Migliore August 17, 2006
(noun) a person who possesses the characteristics of a slut and performs the acts of a whore; a person who engages in lots of promiscuous sex.
Anita Hardone is such a Slhore. Just the other day she bought some yellow plastic shoes from Skanks 'R Us after receiving $30 for licking the honey off John's chest, $45 for sticking her thumb up Dave's butt, and $100 to get rid of the rash caused by James.
by COOLeyLAWGIRLS March 20, 2009
Abbreviated from the words 'slut' and 'whore' is used to describe someone whom you have little respect for, as a result of them having low standards and having intercourse anywhere anytime with anyone.
"That sl'hore will sleep with anyone"

"That Bodenator... he's such a sl'hore"
by Andrei Kanchelskis August 01, 2006
A mean definition would be a slut mixed with a hore and everything that comes with it :-)
WOW, that girl is a slhore!
by A-lexus December 29, 2005
Cross between slut and whore multiplying the insult by two. Used to describe v. v. disgustingly 'loose' slutty people that pretty much sleep with ANYONE ANYSEX ANYSPECIES even!!, just because its 'friction'
*Man talking to his pet dog:

"That dirty sl'hore would even fuck you"
by Addym August 07, 2006
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