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The visual equivalent of eavesdropping. Watching a person, thing, or occurrence without the knowledge or consent of the other party.
"I think my next-door neighbor is totally slekking us through the blinds."

"I'm going to slek that guy's newspaper over his shoulder."
by JBCooper January 17, 2012
The worst , bentest , shittest thing to happen or be .
your slek

This school is slek {shit}
by chadgs10 May 29, 2012
basically all gross and disgusting things on the planet can be used as a synonym for slime, sneeze juice, dog drool, dirty poo, earwax, sperm, and many other disgusting things
dude quit slekking on me
get that slek off of jason
by the remix baby January 27, 2009
A word used to describe an idiot or generally stupid. Has no common sense and usually says stupid crap to attract attention.

Also can be linked with ShiNoBYy though it is generally different it can be linked
Stop being a SLEK. STFU SLEKKER aka Shut the F*** Up Slekker.
by The Wise One November 07, 2004
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