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<noun> Colloquial;

Precipitation containing rain and snow.

--> Which means the ground will get wet and the snow won't stick. So it's just crap basically. You probably don't get it in America.
WEATHERMAN: "It's gonna sleet so take some snow boots and an umbrella with you to work."
by Stuart Fletcher May 10, 2005
64 17
Plural form of slut.
Mitch: I've never seen so many bitches going the same direction man.

Justin: It's winter bro. The sleet are headed south.
by Justin Hensley April 19, 2005
25 33
A woman who dresses like a slut during winter.
How is that sleet not freezing? She's only wearing a miniskirt and Ugg boots!
by Teddy G December 25, 2007
19 30
Plural form of the word slut. Many-a-slut's to be seen.
Look, bra, it's a slaggle of sluts.

Yeah, that's a whole bunch of sleets.
by Ace Mulato February 24, 2006
19 32
The act of putting your testicles in a cup of ice water, letting them get very very cold, and then ejaculating the near icy semen
Rather bored with normal masterbation, Joe decided to sleet all over a dirty sock. Then proceeded to say sleet sleet
by DeathorGlory February 04, 2010
9 24