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<noun> Colloquial;

Precipitation containing rain and snow.

--> Which means the ground will get wet and the snow won't stick. So it's just crap basically. You probably don't get it in America.
WEATHERMAN: "It's gonna sleet so take some snow boots and an umbrella with you to work."
by Stuart Fletcher May 10, 2005
when something is or you do something that's hella raw
Person 1: did you see kobe Bryant shift tf outta LeBron.

Person 2: yeahh that shit was sleet
by that boiii August 26, 2015
Plural form of slut.
Mitch: I've never seen so many bitches going the same direction man.

Justin: It's winter bro. The sleet are headed south.
by Justin Hensley April 19, 2005
A woman who dresses like a slut during winter.
How is that sleet not freezing? She's only wearing a miniskirt and Ugg boots!
by Teddy G December 25, 2007
Plural form of the word slut. Many-a-slut's to be seen.
Look, bra, it's a slaggle of sluts.

Yeah, that's a whole bunch of sleets.
by Ace Mulato February 24, 2006
The act of putting your testicles in a cup of ice water, letting them get very very cold, and then ejaculating the near icy semen
Rather bored with normal masterbation, Joe decided to sleet all over a dirty sock. Then proceeded to say sleet sleet
by DeathorGlory February 04, 2010

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