The act of giving/recieving head while sleeping, uncouncious, etc.
Billy sure was a sleepy head, so I gave him sleepy head to wake him up!
#head #sleep #dick #unconcious #knocked out
by Trevor12341234 January 18, 2009
The act in which your girl yawns and you then insert your penis into her mouth and yell "sleepy head!"
As I looked over at Naomi she yawned so I jumped up and put my penis in her mouth while yelling sleepy head.
#head #blow jobs #tired #penis #open wide
by Uncle Sam10_69 April 02, 2014
you got the Duarte = sleepy head
#meaning to sleepy #sleeping #zs #snorring #knocked out
by jhon jacob January 24, 2011
This is when you're desperately needing some head, but your girl's asleep. Therefore, you sneak into the room and stick your dick in her mouth while she's sleeping. By instinct, she'll probaby start sucking your dick while sleeping, giving this action the name "Sleepy Head"
Friend 1- Man, the other night my girl was asleep and I really needed some head.
Friend 2- I guess that left you to use your right hand for the night,
Friend 1- Nah man. I just stuck it in her mouth and she gave me some sleepy head.
#head #sleep #dick #sleepy head #sleeping
by ofwgktadgaf_666 September 14, 2012
when a girl is laying down or sleeping on your lap it is called sleepy head
Dude look at that guy he's getting sleepy head from that chick
#sleepy head #head #sleepy #lap #blowjob
by Sawman April 07, 2007
A person of asian descent, since their skinny, shifty eyes resemble someone who just woke up.
Damn man that Gook bitch is a true sleepyhead, she made me mu shu pork.
#chink #gook #jap #asian #sushi-nigger
by Robert Boyd October 05, 2006
When a dude wakes up with morning wood, and wakes his girlfriend up so she can give him a blow job. Since she is still tired when she wakes up, it's Sleepy Head.
I woke up this morning and nudged my girlfriend to give me some sleepy head.
by Steve-0 and James May 25, 2005
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