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The action of bitching someone out while asleep, or while waking up. The person is cruel, and malicious with the only intent to get back to sleep or sometimes to get back at you for disturbing their slumber
May or may not wear off shortly after awakening and can be affected by substances such as coffee, alcohol, drugs, sex , a slap to the face, or any other awaking substance or decision impairing substance.
Person 1.:

" I told you your dad was probably just sleep-bitching."
Person 2:

" I thought he'd be awake, otherwise i wouldn't have called him for a ride until later."
by Lacey Lane November 07, 2011
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when a person bitches at another person while they are sleeping. Similar to talking while sleeping, but instead the subject sleeping is bitching.
Last night, Steve woke up to the sounds of Suzy sleepbitching at him.
by Kenzen90 September 07, 2011
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