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Sleeg is the new Swag.

Not everyone can be sleeg though.

Notable members can enjoy the benifits of dkoos.

What is sleeg without dkoos? ;)

Sleegs are known for being little sleegs, mcsleegers, being able to sleeg their way out of any situation.

Our aim the nation, one sleegster at a time.

And it all bigens with one bowl of sleeg. So line up in front od Daida's house, for a bowl of sleeging dairy sleeg, you sleegmeisters.

Shantelle: OMG, Shaniqia. Did you hear about sleeg?

Shaniqua: Girl, I hear it's the new fried chicken.

Shantelle: And it's cheap, too -- they only chargin' $3.29 for dat shit.
Shaniqua: Mhmm gurrl, we gonna be so SL33GALICIOUS!
by Sleeg lovers July 24, 2011
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