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When your totally fuckin shit faced, then you have a few more...
Omg jonny was so slaughtered at the partay!
by Baybee December 03, 2003
29 15
An Irish term used to describe a person who has had one (or eleven) too many.
I was fuckin' slaughtered after that last pint.
by Jarsy April 11, 2005
18 10
You definitely had too much. You should start to think of quiting your favourite drug.
"Man, I'am slaughtered... That was good shit, but I think I had too much.
- Come on, dude. That was two weeks ago...
by Czi June 24, 2003
11 8
When a girl has three orgasms in one night/encounter.
How was last night?
I got slaughtered!
by sarah sponda January 29, 2011
2 3
A term which defined as too consume large amounts of alcohol.
I'm soooooo Slaughtered from the whole bottle of Vodka.

Jimmy , where were you yesterday night ?

I was getting slaughtered with my friends
by Anonymous_Alex October 23, 2010
2 3