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A springtime event held in Richmond, VA where hipsters and other hobohemian types gather to drink PBR and play bike games.
Scummy hipster 1: Dude, you goin' to Slaughterama this weekend? It's gonna be so dank.

Grungy kid 2: I thought you sold your bike for a 24-pack of PBR and a pair of fake Ray-Bans.

Scummy hipster 1: Yeah, but I just made some dank cut-offs and I gotta show 'em off.
by yeeehaw May 19, 2009
A festival for bikers (as in bicyclers) hosted in Richmond, Virginia by the Cutthroats. Bikers come from all over the east coast to participate in bicycle-related activities such as tall-bike jousting. Slaughterama nornally occurs during the first week of April.

This event is open to the public.
You can't spell Slaughterama without slaughter.
by anonomatopia April 02, 2009