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The act of quitting one's job in flamboyant fashion, so named after Steven Slater, the JetBlue Flight Attendant who dealt with one unruly passenger too many. He cussed out the passenger on the PA, said bye-bye to a 20 year career as a flight attendant, grabbed some beer from the galley, popped the escape slide, jumped out on the tarmac, walked to his car and drove home, thus becoming an instant folk hero.
Man, I'm so fed up with this place, I'm gonna pull a Slater Slide. Fuck 'em all!
by BeenThereDoneThatGotTheT-Shirt August 11, 2010
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A couple of beers. Specifically those used to mellow oneself out after a tough day on the job. After Steven Slater the stressed-out airline attendant who grabbed a couple of beers as he deployed the emergency slide and walked away from his work area, a commercial JetBlue airplane that had landed but not yet reached the terminal.
After a horrible day on the job I stopped off on my way home for a shot of Jack and chased it down with a Slater Slide.
by maximo hudson August 12, 2010

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