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A way of life. Slutty + classy = slassy.
Get slassy.

"Your shirt is so fancy, pull it down and show more tit, then you'll be slassy."

"That bachelorette party looks so slassy!"
by Slass Master August 10, 2013
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a classy form of sleaziness.
Yo, that bitch's outfit is soo slassy. Its like she took her crack money to holt renfrew.
by debo-bjobs October 25, 2006
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a style of dress for females that is a cross between slutty and classy (ie. whore-ish looking formal wear)
"Yo, did you see Melinda at the New Year's Eve party the other night? She was looking slassy!"
by Taff Dogg January 02, 2008
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Mix of the words "Swag" and "Classy".
"Look at him all slassy for the wedding, he stands out more than the groom.
by Mr.Hyde March 01, 2013
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1. classy in the form of slassy
2. skeezer who thinks shes classy but truly isn't from the way she acts-(being disrespectful, childish, bitchy, and or thinks shes big)
Rosie thinks and says shes classy! HAHA! Can you believe that slassy-ass bitch!
by patd! May 09, 2008
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