After you are done jacking off, nutt into your hand and then run out of the room and slap your roommate right across the face with your cum filled hand.
Once I was done jacking off, I nutted in my hand and then I ran out and slap jacked my roommate right in the face!
by Ichi Crowtch January 14, 2008
Top Definition
The act of ejaculating on ones hand and then slapping another person in the face.
Today I gave Melinda a Slapjack after that bitch ate the last hot pocket.
by BWeezyAflo December 17, 2010
The action of a naked man shimmying side to side, like a washing machine agitator, causing his dick to thwack against his thighs.
She woke to the dulcet sounds of her husband doing slapjacks by the bed.
by marydelta August 16, 2011
Mixed alcoholic beverage originating in Bellingham, WA. Created by mixing one gallon jug of Carlo Rossi Pisano wine, one bottle MD 20/20 Orange Jubilee bum wine, one bottle Andre Extra Dry Champagne, and one can orange concentrate. Serve luke warm.
Damn Joe, you're fucked up! What did you have to drink? - Jesse
Oh, you know. Just a jug of Slapjack! - Joe
by Sugar Shack Boys March 19, 2010
The act of slapping your dicks together until one person gets a boner. The person who gets the boner wins the bet.
Want to play slap jacks to settle the tab.
by steve smithy March 30, 2011
A game similar to the classic punch buggy. Every time one sees a yellow vehicle, they slap the person next to them and say "slapjack!"

Originated from Oshawa.
-yellow car drives past-

Girl: SLAPJACK! *slaps friend*
by BillyBob the Hick July 17, 2009
A "homeless" person who lives on the street.The one with no teeth,dirty as hell,and talks to himself outloud while making no sense at all.Sleeps on a piece of cardboard
In downtown San Francisco,you will see many "slapjacks" on the street during the "wee" hours of the morning.
by Robo93 November 27, 2006
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