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The mystical art of knocking out ones opponent in mortal combat using a single strike with an open palm. This often fatal move is not recommended for beginners as a failure to knock out an assailant will often see the move being miss-construed as a Bitch Slap.
Finish your work, or I will perform a Slap Down on you!
by shortFuse October 03, 2006
To do a line of coke.
Hurry up and get over here so we can Slap Down foo.
by skygruv May 02, 2007
An act where a conservative subdues a liberal with devastating or humiliating effect.
Dick Cheney on wife Lynne's spat with CNN's Wolf Blitzer: 'It was great. We refer to it around the house as the 'slapdown''.
by Cerwic October 30, 2006
bitch slapping a dick in a pool or an ass or chest or face before things happen in an aquatic erotic pool party.
a slapdown is something only chick fil a employees understand. they usually ask, do you want fries with that? how about a slapdown? sometimes it can happen in a bathroom with a sink. truck stops sometimes offer these in their shower rooms. we don't serve gays.
by mikunt December 19, 2012